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Japanese Patent JPH07139521
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PURPOSE: To provide a micro actuator of a type which is capable of being super-miniaturized and drives an operator in reciprocation, by intercepting a space between an operation fluid housing space and an operater guide space by means of a piston liquid.

CONSTITUTION: When light is projected to an operation fluid 4 through an optical fiber 5, carbon single fiber is heated and temperature rises. As the expansion coefficient of the operation fluid 4 is large, expansion and evaporation are carried out, and pressure is raised, and building-out from an operation fluid housing space SA1 is made, and flowing to a piston liquid housing space SA2 is realized, and mercury 1 (piston liquid) is pushed toward an operater guide space SA3, and although it tries to stay in the piston liquid housing space SA2, it projects into the operater guide space SA3 large. A work guide space is covered with teflon, and the mercury 1 projects so as not to touch the wall surface of the space SA3. As a result, a rod 3 is pushed out to the right, and a pulling coil spring 7 conducts power accumulation. Also, when light projection by means of the optical fiber 5 is stopped, the heat of the operation fluid 4 is irradiated to the open air through a copper pipe 2, and the operation fluid 4 is cooled, and its volume becomes small, and the mercury 1 is moved left.

Mizuno, Tomokimi
Irisa, Koichi
Naruse, Yoshihiro
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Publication Date:
May 30, 1995
Filing Date:
November 22, 1993
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International Classes:
F15B15/14; B81B3/00; F15B21/06; (IPC1-7): F15B21/06; F15B15/14
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杉信 興