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Japanese Patent JP2004079534
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To provide a microswitch having high on/off ratio, high isolation, simple structure, and easy to manufacture.

This microswitch is constituted in such a way that a dielectric film is arranged on the top of a substrate, a hinge is formed at both side ends or one side end of the specified region, and a vertically swingable swing region is formed. A conductive film is formed in the specified region on the top of the swing region. First and second conductors are arranged at the specified distance in the upper part of the conductor film. A plurality of lower electrodes are arranged on the upper surface of the swing region. A plurality of upper electrodes are arranged at the specified distance in the upper part of the plurality of lower electrodes, generate static electricity force together with the lower electrodes, move upward the conductor film to make join to the first and second conductors, and thereby, resistance is reduced, and electricity is passed between the first and second conductors.

Song, Insang
Kim, Young-il
Lee, Moon-chul
Shim, Dong-ha
Hong, Young-tack
Park, Sun-hee
Nam, Kuang-woo
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 11, 2004
Filing Date:
August 11, 2003
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International Classes:
B81B3/00; H01H57/00; H01H59/00; H01L29/417; H01L41/09; H01P1/12; (IPC1-7): H01H59/00; B81B3/00; H01L41/09
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
志賀 正武
渡邊 隆