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Japanese Patent JP2628258
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PURPOSE: To facilitate integration by simplifying a circuit by providing an optical input part for a mode converter based on the principle of periodical coupling between the waveguide modes of light wave which is propagated to a channel-type optical waveguide and a coherent optical receiver where the mode converter is used.
CONSTITUTION: The mode converter consists of the channel-type waveguide where periodical coupling between the two waveguide modes of an optical signals which is propagated in the waveguide (the waveguide consists of an input waveguide part A, an intermediate waveguide part B and the output waveguide part C) and is the converter for the conversion of the fraction of a signal component in an optical signal propagated by the first waveguide mode to the signal component propagated by the second waveguide mode. In the mode converter, the intermediate waveguide part B is provided with periodical and geometrical structure consisting of the periodical sequence of two waveguide low-order parts P and Q within periodical length and the length LP and LQ of the low-order parts P and Q and the number N of periods coincide with the desired conversion fraction.

ヨハネス ヤコブス ジェラルダス マリア バン デア トール
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July 09, 1997
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May 14, 1992
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コニンクリジケ ピーティーティー ネーダーランドエヌ ブィー
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H04B10/02; G02B6/126; G02B6/14; (IPC1-7): G02B6/14
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斉藤 武彦