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Japanese Patent JPH06113226
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PURPOSE: To recognize a visit of a visitor on a television receiver without interruption of a program being watched.

CONSTITUTION: A television broadcast signal received by an antenna and a camera television signal of ch1 or ch2 from a television camera 20 are sent through a coaxial cable 22. A demodulation circuit 38 demodulates the television broadcast signal to give the broadcast video signal to a pattern output circuit 46, a demodulation circuit 40 demodulates the camera television signal to give the camera video signal to the pattern output circuit 46. The pattern output circuit 46 displays the camera video signal onto a master pattern 12a of the television receiver 12 at no input of a control signal and displays the broadcast video signal on the master pattern 12a and the camera video signal onto the slave pattern 12b at the input of the control signal. When a DC voltage +Vc superimposed on the signal through the cable 22 is decreased by closing a switch 30 connecting to the cable 22, a CPU 43 generates the control signal.

Application Number:
Publication Date:
April 22, 1994
Filing Date:
September 28, 1992
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International Classes:
H04N5/45; H04N7/18; (IPC1-7): H04N5/45; H04N7/18
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hiroshi Tanaka (2 outside)