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Japanese Patent JP2004364457
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To provide a motor drive device which comprises a power storage part which stores a regenerative current and supplies power to an inverter part in acceleration and is applicable to drive devices for various motors.

The motor drive device comprises an converter part 1, a DC link part 3, and an inverter part 2 to drive a motor 5. The DC link part 3 is connected to a power storage part 4 comprising a capacitor 10, a charging circuit 11, a discharging circuit 12, and a diode 13. The regenerative current generated at deceleration of the motor 5 is stored in the capacitor 10 through the diode 13. At acceleration of the motor, a switching element 15 of the discharging circuit 12 is turned on so that the power stored in the capacitor 10 is outputted to the DC link part. The charging circuit 11 comprises a boost switching regulator circuit for charging the capacitor 10 to a prescribed upper limit voltage which is equal to or higher than the voltage of the DC link part 3, and a current limiting circuit to limit the charging current to a prescribed upper limit value. The upper limit value of the charging current is changeable depending on kind of motor drive device.

Yamada, Yuichi
Haniyu, Shigeki
Yaejima, Mamoru
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2004
Filing Date:
June 06, 2003
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International Classes:
H02P27/06; H02M5/458; (IPC1-7): H02P7/63
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竹本 松司
杉山 秀雄
湯田 浩一
魚住 高博