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Japanese Patent JP3734383
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily assemble a motor-driven pump and to exchange a tank cylinder by a part unit by fitting an opening side end part of the tank cylinder into a recessed groove formed on the supporting surface of a pump main body on one surface of a supporting bracket and preventing the tank cylinder from falling off by a fall-off prevention ring engaged to the recessed groove.
SOLUTION: In this motor-driven pump, a pump main body 1 is supported by one surface of a supporting bracket 2, an electric motor 3 is supported by the other surface, and the pump shaft 10 and a motor shaft 30 are connected by a coupling 4. In this case, a recessed groove 2a is formed so as to surround the outside of the pump main body 1 on the one surface of the supporting bracket 2 and an opening side end part of a tank cylinder 5 is fitted into the recessed groove 2a. A circlip 2b engaged to an outer peripheral side wall of the recessed groove 2a is made to abut and the tank cylinder 5 is prevented from falling off and is fixed. As a result, fixing and releasing of the tank cylinder 5 can be separately enforced, the motor-driven pump is easily assembled and the tank cylinder 5 can be exchanged by a part unit.

Hamazaki, Yoshiaki
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January 11, 2006
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July 09, 1999
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F04C15/00; F04B53/00; F04C11/00; F04C15/06; (IPC1-7): F04C15/00; F04B53/00
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河野 登夫