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Japanese Patent JP3691761
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a multifunction and high-reliability movable vane type rotating device capable of realizing output characteristics such as one or more kinds of discharge amounts and discharge pressure, and handling two or more kinds of fluids at the same time as well as assuring proper operational efficiency and a smooth stable inward and outward movement of a vane with one device.
SOLUTION: This movable vane type rotating device has a cylinder or a cam ring provided with a suction port and a discharge port for a fluid, and rotors each provided with a movable vane and its sliding fitting slot. The device is structured so that one or more ring-like partitioning walls projecting inward are formed on the inside surface of the axial halfway position of the cylinder or the cam ring, a plurality of serial chambers for the cylinder or the cam ring are formed on both sides interposing them, the suction ports and the discharge ports are separately formed in the plurality of chambers, the rotors are connected to and disposed on individual both-end main shafts on the same rotary axis in the plurality of chambers, respective, and a plurality of separate vane chambers are formed in the plurality of chambers.

Inaba, Kazuo
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September 07, 2005
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January 29, 2001
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Inaba, Kazuo
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F01C21/08; F04C2/344; F04C11/00; F04C15/00; F04C18/344; F04C23/00; F04C25/02; F04C28/02; F04C29/00; (IPC1-7): F04C2/344; F04C18/344
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杉村 興作