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Japanese Patent JP2715875
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PURPOSE: To generate a correct and natural summary text from a document described in a natural language by allowing the user to designate a summarized object.
CONSTITUTION: When a document described in a natural language is inputted from an entry section 1, a document information section 4 recognizes the relation between a keyword and a dictionary section 2 storing the keyword relating to an object area of a summarized object designated in advance, utilizes a storage section 3 storing an inter-keyword relation calculation rule to provide an output of a content of summary object in a predetermined form designated in advance, a text structure generating section 6 uses a storage section 5 storing a text structure generating rule described based on a knowledge of a form outputted by the document information extract section 4 and converts the document into a tree structure representing a sentence of a predetermined form outputted from the document information extract section 4, a text generating section 9 uses an object language dictionary section 7 representing cross reference between a keyword and an object language and a text generation rule storage section 8 storing a text generating rule describing a grammar of the object language to generate a summary text and the summary text outputted by the text generating section 9 is displayed by an output section 10.

Shinichi Ando
Shinichi Doi
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Publication Date:
February 18, 1998
Filing Date:
December 27, 1993
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International Classes:
G06F17/28; G06F17/30; (IPC1-7): G06F17/30; G06F17/28
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Naoki Kyomoto (2 outside)