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Japanese Patent JP2005137600
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To provide a multiple disk brush which has a sound monolithic structure of a number of disk brushes.

The multiple disk brush 15 has a monolithic structure of a number of coaxial disk brushes 7, which are formed by providing a number of brush-planting holes 2 spaced from each other on the peripheral edge of a disk 1, inserting bristle tufts 3 into the brush-planting holes 2 and folding the same into two over the outer edge of the brush-planting holes 2, tying the base portions of the twofold bristle tufts 3 to annularly plant brush materials on the periphery of the disk 1, providing an insertion hole 9 for a rotation shaft 8 at the center of the disk 1, and providing the peripheral portion of the insertion hole 9 with keys 10 or key seats 11 connected to the rotation shaft 8 by key connection, wherein adhesive pads 14 are interposed among the disks 1 of the disk brushes 7 and bonded to the surfaces of adjacent disks to form a monolithic structure of the same.

Arai, Tomoyuki
Onto, Yukiya
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Publication Date:
June 02, 2005
Filing Date:
November 06, 2003
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A46B7/10; A46B3/02; (IPC1-7): A46B7/10; A46B3/02
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中畑 孝