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Japanese Patent JP2004060626
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To provide a low-cost product by improving the construction of a blade for generating a swirling current and simplifying the multistage construction while greatly reducing the number of parts of a high-compression-ratio blower and a vacuum pump.

A fluid sucked from a suction port 14 with the rotation of rotors 4, 4A enters into a gas swirling flow path 8 of the rotor 4. In the rotor 4, the blades 5, 5A are continuously provided at an outer periphery portion in radially spaced relation for generating a swirling fluid crosswise at first and second stages with a central partition wall 4D. Swirling kinetic energy is given to the next blade adjacent to the blade 5 by the rotation of the rotor 4 and parts with swirling current preventing walls 17, 17A for continuous compression into a required compression ratio in a range from the suction port 14 to a first and second stage communication path 16. The compressed fluid enters from the first and second communication path 16 into the central partition wall 4D of the rotor 4 and a gas swirling flow path 8A on the right side and its swirling current is pressurized by the blade 5A in a similar way to the first stage for compression into the required compression ratio for the second stage.

Nakamura, Shigeo
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February 26, 2004
Filing Date:
July 26, 2002
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F04D23/00; (IPC1-7): F04D23/00