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Japanese Patent JP2005346071
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To provide a near-infrared absorbing film, having large and wide absorption in the near-infrared region and high light transmittance in rays of the visible light region, exhibiting little change in the optical characteristics over time, and superior in coating film appearance of a near-infrared absorbing layer that can meet recent-year requirements for high luminance of display, as well as high fineness and high image quality in hi-vision broadcasting.

The near-infrared absorbing film is obtained by superimposing, on a transparent substrate film, a near-infrared absorbing layer comprising a near-infrared absorbing dye that has the maximum absorption at a wavelength of 800-1,200 nm, a resin and a surfactant, wherein the surfactant exists locally in a surface of the near-infrared absorbing layer, the number of defects of ≥300 μm size detected by a predetermined measuring method is less than one per 100 m2, and a color tone change calculated by the expression: (color tone change)=√(((a value before processing)-(a value after processing))2+((b value before processing)-(b value after processing))2) is <2, before and after the near-infrared absorbing film, is allowed to stand in an atmosphere at a temperature of 60°C and a humidity of 95% for 500 h.

Mori, Kenichi
Yoshimi, Akira
Onomichi, Shinya
Morishige, Chikao
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Publication Date:
December 15, 2005
Filing Date:
May 30, 2005
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International Classes:
G02B5/22; B32B7/02; C09K3/00; G09F9/00; (IPC1-7): G02B5/22; B32B7/02; C09K3/00; G09F9/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
植木 久一
菅河 忠志
二口 治
伊藤 浩彰