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Japanese Patent JPH07109286
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PURPOSE: To obtain a novel derivative which is useful as an antiinflammatory agent of low toxicity because it has the inhibitory action against type III allergy.

CONSTITUTION: A derivative of the formula I (R is monosaccharide, OHprotecting group, alkyl, alkenyl, alkinyl, sphingosine, cholesterol or their derivative), for example, the derivative of the formula II. For the synthesis of the derivative, after neohesperidose of the formula: Rhaα1→2Glc is synthesized, it is mixed with pyridine, acetic anhydride and a catalytic amount of 4-dimethylaminopyridine with stirring to effect the reaction, then treated with hydrazine acetate in DMF, allowed to react with trichloroacetonitrile in the presence of DBV to obtain a novel synthetic intermediate of the formula III. Further, the intermediate is allowed to react with, for example, octanol followed by deprotection of the product, or the reaction with N3-sphingosine followed by deprotection to introduce aglycon such as octyl or sphingosine into the glucose residue.

Morikawa, Kaoru
Nunomura, Shigeki
Sugai, Hiroshi
Ishii, Takayuki
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Publication Date:
April 25, 1995
Filing Date:
October 12, 1993
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C07H3/04; A61K31/70; A61K31/7016; A61K31/7028; A61P29/00; C07H15/04; C07H15/10; C07J17/00; (IPC1-7): C07H3/04; A61K31/70; C07H15/04; C07H15/10; C07J17/00
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吉田 研二 (外2名)