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Japanese Patent JPS59158116
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PURPOSE: To realize the mass-production of the noise filter of a power source circuit by equipping the noise filter with a cylindrical or doughnut type capacitor having a through hole in the center, a coil, and a magnetic core, and interlinking the capacitor and coil with a closed magnetic path which passes through the magnetic core.

CONSTITUTION: Lead wires 5 and 6 are connected to two beltlike conductors 3, which are stacked one over another with an insulating sheet 7 interposed and rolled tubularly so that the through hole 8 is formed in the center, forming the cylindrical or doughnut type capacitor element 10. A coil 15 is formed around the capacitor element 10, one terminal of the coil 15 is connected to one lead wire of the capacitor element 10, and this assembly 16 is fitted in a pot core 11 or a magnetic core 12 such as an EI type core forming the closed magnetic path which can be assembled, thus completing the noise filter.

Ikeda, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
September 07, 1984
Filing Date:
February 26, 1983
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H03H7/09; H01F27/00; H01G4/40; H02M1/12; H03H1/00; (IPC1-7): H01F17/04; H01G4/40; H02M1/12; H03H7/01