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Japanese Patent JPS59212014
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PURPOSE: To form a noise filter without using any magnetic core by winding a beltlike conductor and a beltlike magnetic conductor with a beltlike insulator between.

CONSTITUTION: The beltlike conductor 6 made of aluminum foil which is, for example, 12mm wide and 20μm thick and the beltlike magnetic conductor 9 made of iron foil which is 12mm wide and 20μm thick are wound in a tubular shape while two Mylar tapes 11 which are 15mm wide and 57μm thick are interposed so that a hollow core which has a 4mm diameter is left at the center part. Consequently, the electrostatic capacity is as large as that of a filter constituted merely by using only good conductors made of aluminum foil, but the inductance is more than twice. Thus, a superior element as a noise filter is obtained by using the magnetic conductive foil as the conductive foil of a tubular capacitor without using any magnetic core.

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Ikeda, Takeshi
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November 30, 1984
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May 18, 1983
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H03H7/075; H03H1/00; (IPC1-7): H03H7/01