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Japanese Patent JPS6038910
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PURPOSE: To obtain an element with simple constitution, suitable for mass production and also having an excellent performance as a noise filter by forming a distributed capacitance to a conductor line so as to eliminate the use of components such as capacitors other than a wire.

CONSTITUTION: An insulated coating 7 being a dielectric is formed on the surface of a good conductor wire 6 such as a copper wire or an aluminum wire and a wire 10 provided with a conductor coating 8 such as copper or aluminum is wound on the outer surface of the insulated coating 7 as a coil. Since the good conductor wire 6 forming the wire 10 has the conductor coating 8 over its entire length, the inductance is increased by winding the wire 10 and also a distributed capacitance is formed via the insulated coating 7, then noise superimopsed on a power circuit is suppressed by grounding the conductor coating 8 and connecting the good conductor wire 6 to the power circuit or a smoothing circuit.

Ikeda, Takeshi
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February 28, 1985
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August 11, 1983
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H03H7/075; H03H1/00; (IPC1-7): H03H7/01
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