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Japanese Patent JPH11120758
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To provide a memory capable of enhancing a recording density sharply and also capable of shortening a read time and reducing power consumption.

This memory is constituted by allowing memory cells whose memory states are able to be changed over by the injecting of spinningly polarized electrons to be arranged. Concretely, the memory cell is constituted by allowing, for example, a first ferromagnetic layer and a second ferromagnetic layer to be laminated with a normal magnetic layer 13 and the direction of the magnetization of the first ferromagnetic layer is fixed and a memory state is changed over by the direction of the magnetization of the second ferromagnetic layer. That is, this memory is a memory applied with the propagation theory of a spinningly polarized electron flow as a new technology storing information in magnetic memory cells and is assemblable with the array of mesoscopic multilayer metallic devices. Then, the memory state in an individual cell corresponds to one of two stable orientations of magnetizations on the plane of a ferromagnetic film switching layer. These states are switchable by injecting a shinningly plarized electron flow in memory cells.

Eric, Maiken
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Publication Date:
April 30, 1999
Filing Date:
October 09, 1997
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G11C11/16; G11C11/15; H01L21/8246; H01L27/105; (IPC1-7): G11C11/15
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小池 晃 (外2名)