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Japanese Patent JPH06139498
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PURPOSE: To model a three-dimensional obstacle by several pieces of feature quantities, and to determine the operation quantity by adding a static obstacle driver part for expressing the three-dimensional obstacle by using turning acceler ation of a target.

CONSTITUTION: The device is provided with a target data generating part 1 for outputting an observation value of a target, a static obstacle driver part 3 for expressing a static obstacle by turning acceleration of the target from target data and a digital map data base 20, a feature quantity extracting part 4 for outputting the feature quantity for grasping a coal position relation obtained from the target and the static obstacle together, with the target and a goal data memory 21, and an operation quantity determining part 5 for outputting a predictive operation quantity of the target, based on the feature quantity. In such a state, by a sensor 11, the target is observed, and it is processed by a data processor 12, and thereafter, outputted as an observation value of the target. In the case a coordinate of this target and the digital map data base 20 coincide with each other, vertical and horizontal turning acceleration at that time is set as static obstacle, data and limited vertical turning acceleration which can evade the static obstacle is outputted.

Kameda, Hiroshi
Nomoto, Kohei
Tachibana, Yasuo
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Publication Date:
May 20, 1994
Filing Date:
October 30, 1992
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G01C21/00; B60W30/00; G01S13/93; G05D1/02; G05D1/10; G08G1/0968; G08G1/16; (IPC1-7): G08G1/16; G01C21/00; G01S13/93; G05D1/02; G08G1/0968
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高田 守