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Japanese Patent JP2000316708
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To increase the effect of the worship by a worshiper, by installing a bell in a position where reverberation sounds of a hollow body container are generated, thereby allowing a coin fed and dropped from a feeding port to collide against the bell and producing sounds.

The container 1 having a cylindrical or square hollow body 2 made of metal is used and a cap 3 disposed atop this container is provided with one piece of the feeding port 4. The bell 5 is formed below the hollow body 2 by disposing the opening end edges of hollow hemispherical bodies consisting of metallic sheets so as to face each other from the right and left by providing these edges with a slight spacing 11, inserting a shaft 6 into the head apex of the right and left hollow hemispherical bodies and fixing the right and left ends of this shaft 6 to the lower external side of the container 1. The worshiper, thus, feeds the coins into the feed port 4 of the cap 3, causing the coins to collide against the bell 5 and to resonate vibration sounds. The worshiper's eardrums are vibrated through the spacing 11 and the feeding port 4 by these resonance sounds so that the worshiper is satisfied.

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Publication Date:
November 21, 2000
Filing Date:
May 13, 1999
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A45C11/00; A45C1/12; A47G33/00; G07D9/00; (IPC1-7): A47G33/00; A45C11/00; G07D9/00
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長尾 貞吉