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Japanese Patent JP2009097494
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To enable electric conversion of composite natural energy with an apparatus constructed of an integrate system, and to enable inexpensive electric power to be provided.

The apparatus is comprised of a movable wing means formed of a movable wing floated on the sea with an end of the wind having a solar cell arranged on an upper surface and connected to a base body through a rotary shaft and with the other end vertically swingable, a swing motion amplification means for amplifying vertical motion of the wing while correlating wind force with waves of the sea through the movable wing, a fluid pressurization means with a piston of a fluid pressurization pump and an end of a swing motion control device respectively connected to the movable wing and with a cylinder of the fluid pressurization pump including a fluid circulation system and the other end of the swing motion control device respectively connected to support pipes provided on the base body, a first power generation means for generating electric power by rotatively driving a rotary shaft of an operation device with pressurized fluid from the circulation system of the cylinder to rotatively drive a rotary shaft of a power generator connected to the operation device and a second power generation means for generating electric power from sunlight with the solar cell arranged on the upper surface of the movable wing.

Tsuji, Nobuyoshi
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Publication Date:
May 07, 2009
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October 15, 2007
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F03B13/18; F03D5/06