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Japanese Patent JP2015004411
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reliably lubricate a plurality of one-way clutches arranged side by side in the axial direction without requiring an oil pump.SOLUTION: Each of the one-way clutches includes the predetermined number of inlet holes 12e opened to positions offset from an axial line L2 of a shaft end face 12b of a rotary shaft 12, oil supply passages 12f formed ranging from the respective inlet holes 12e to the inside of the rotary shaft 12 in the axial direction, and outlet holes 12g passing through from a plurality of axially distant positions of the respective oil supply passages 12f to the vicinity of rollers 25 located radially outside thereof. Thus, oil flowing into the inlet holes 12e with the rotation of the rotary shaft 12 is supplied through the oil supply passages 12f and the outlet holes 12g to the rollers 25 with centrifugal force to lubricate sliding parts between each of an outer peripheral face 12a of the rotary shaft 12 and an inner peripheral face 22a of an outer member 22 and each of the rollers 25. Since the oil can be supplied to the plurality of one-way clutches 25 arranged side by side in the direction of the axial line L2 of the rotary shaft 12 without requiring the oil pump, an oil pump driving load can be reduced.

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January 08, 2015
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June 21, 2013
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F16D41/06; F16H29/04; F16H31/00; F16H57/04
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Ochiai 健
Kazuaki Niki
It is ぬ and an island. Shinji