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Japanese Patent JP3946842
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an opening detecting device of a carburetor for correctly detecting the opening throughout a whole area of a valve opening.
SOLUTION: In a carburetor 1, two magnets 21, 22 are provided on a side face of a valve 5 in such manner that the magnetizing direction thereof is vertical to a sliding direction of the valve 5. The magnetizing directions of two magnets 21, 22 are opposite to each other, and two magnets 21, 22 are separated from each other over a moving range of the valve 5. Further two magnets 21, 22 are provided in parallel with a central axis of the valve 5, and three-dimensionally form a closed magnetic circuit. A magnetic sensor 23 is arranged on an outer face on a straight line in parallel with a straight line connecting two magnets 21, 22. Accordingly the magnetic sensor 23 detects the magnetic field given from the magnets when the valve 5 is vertically moved, and outputs a continuous signal corresponding to the opening of a Venturi path 11.

根門 康夫
土谷 秀樹
久須美 雅昭
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July 18, 2007
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November 04, 1997
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F02M19/00; G01B7/30; F02B77/08; F02D9/00; F02D35/00; F02M7/22; G01B7/00; (IPC1-7): F02D9/00; F02B77/08; F02D35/00; F02M7/22; F02M19/00; G01B7/30
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小池 晃
田村 榮一
伊賀 誠司