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Japanese Patent JPH05149416
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PURPOSE: To prevent a removal and a rattling of parts by a single locating snap ring respectively, and to realize a reduction of number of parts, by adding an elastic pusher to push one side holder to the other side holder side, to the locating snap ring to prevent a removal of the one side holder.

CONSTITUTION: In order to assemble swayable the shift lever 4 of an operating mechanism 2 to a housing 6, at first the first holder 34 is inserted from the other end side of an insertion hole 44 formed to the insertion part 42 of the housing 6, and it is locked to a locking edge 46 of one end side. Then, the shift lever 4 is inserted from the other end side of the insertion hole 44, and the spherical peripheral surface 32 of a ball 10 is struck to the first spherical inner circumferential surface 38 of the first holder 34. Then, the second holder 36 is inserted from the other end side of the insertion hole 44, and the second spherical inner circumferential surface 40 is struck to the remaining part of the spherical outer peripheral surface 32. After that, a snap ring 52 of the second holder 36 is made to abut and engage to an engaging groove 54. And the second holder 36 is pushed on elastically to the first holder 34 side by the elastic pusher 62 of the snap ring 52.

Matsuno, Yoshiaki
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Publication Date:
June 15, 1993
Filing Date:
November 29, 1991
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International Classes:
F16H59/10; F16H61/00; (IPC1-7): F16H59/10
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西郷 義美