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Japanese Patent JPH087330
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PURPOSE: To obtain an optical recording medium showing a characteristic suit able for edge recording, by letting a dielectric layer adjacent to one side of an optical recording layer contain C, Al and Si, and forming the dielectric layer of an amorphous nitride coupled with H.

CONSTITUTION: A first dielectric layer 2 is formed on a substrate 1 having a guide on a surface thereof, on which a recording layer 3, a second dielectric layer 4, a metallic reflecting layer 5 and an organic protecting layer 6 are sequentially layered. An AlSiN film is formed to be 110nm thick as the first dielectric layer 2. The recording layer 3 is formed to be 25nm thick by DC sputtering. Thereafter, the second dielectric layer 4 is obtained by forming a film off AlSiCN:H of 40nm thickness on a C chip on an AlSi target, and the metallic reflecting layer 5 is formed to be 60nm thick by using AlAuTi alloy as a target. In this manner, when the AlSiCN:H film which is a dielectric body of a low thermal conductivity is used, a dependency of a recording sensitivity on a rotating speed of a disc is decreased, and therefore bits fit for cast laser lights are easily formed. Accordingly, an optical recording medium having a characteristic suitable for edge recording is obtained.

Horiguchi, Toru
Nakatani, Kenji
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January 12, 1996
Filing Date:
June 24, 1994
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G11B7/241; G11B7/24; G11B11/10; G11B11/105; (IPC1-7): G11B7/24; G11B11/10
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前田 純博