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Japanese Patent JP3423843
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To generate a permutation from an ordinary genetic algorithm(GA) concerning the section to deal with the permutation while regarding hybrid chromosomes as one frame by performing decoding to deal with the GA for handling the permutation and a GA for handling a general problem on one chromosome.
SOLUTION: While using the hybrid chromosomes defining the front part of one frame of chromosomes as a section to deal with the permutation and defining the rear part as a section to deal with the general problem the permutation is generated at the front part from the ordinary GA. A 1st decode part 400 starts decoding from the locus of a chromosome 100 and inputs the number of locus of the chromosome 100 to the place of a working space 200 for the value of that gene. There are plural working spaces 200 and the overlapped number is inputted to the next element. A 2nd decode part 500 successively investigates the working spaces 200 from the top and when any numerical value is inputted to the element in the arrangement, that value is successively inputted to the section of a permutation storage part 300. Concerning the section to deal with the ordinary problem at the rear part, the ordinary GA is used.

Satou, Makihiko
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2003
Filing Date:
October 02, 1996
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International Classes:
G06F15/18; G06N3/00; G06Q10/00; G06Q10/06; G06Q10/10; G06Q50/00; G06Q50/30; (IPC1-7): G06N3/00
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
伊東 忠彦