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Japanese Patent JPH08162159
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PURPOSE: To provide an organic electrolytic battery with high capacity, high voltage and low internal resistance by using a metal oxide as a positive electrode and a specified insoluble and infusible base as a negative electrode and regulating the lithium quantities in the battery and derived from the negative electrode, and the lithium carrying method.

CONSTITUTION: This organic electrolytic battery has a positive electrode and a negative electrode, and uses an aprotic organic solvent solution of lithium salt as an electrolyte. A metal oxide such as LixCoO2 is used as the positive electrode. An insoluble and infusible base (PAS) with polyacene frame structure consisting of the thermally treated material of an aromatic condensed polymer and having a H/C ratio of 0.5-0.05 is used as the negative electrode. The positive electrode and the negative electrodes are arranged opposite to each other through a separator having a three-dimensional communicating hole and impregnated with the electrolyte. To the negative electrode PAS, the total lithium quantity contained in the battery and the lithium derived from the negative electrode are set to 500mAh/g or more and 100mAh/g or more, respectively. The lithium is carried by the negative PAS after battery assembling as the lithium derived from the negative electrode.

Ando, Nobuo
Kinoshita, Hajime
Yamaguchi, Masaki
Hadou, Yukinori
Yada, Shizukuni
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Publication Date:
June 21, 1996
Filing Date:
December 06, 1994
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H01M4/60; H01M4/137; H01M4/587; H01M10/05; H01M10/0525; H01M10/0566; (IPC1-7): H01M10/40; H01M4/60