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Japanese Patent JPS5859105
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PURPOSE: To prevent coal dust from flying-up and scattering by erecting a gauge fence on the top of a partition wall in an outdoor coal stocking equipment to eliminate spiral flow produced by wind on the upper surface of a coaling station.

CONSTITUTION: When wind blows in the direction of arrow P, a portion of this wind passes through one gauge 13 to flow over the upper portion the interior of a partition wall 11 in the direction of arrow Q so that a spiral flow is produced at the rear side of the partition wall 11 as shown by arrow R. Since the partition wall 11 is provided on the top with the gauge 13 the flow speed of wind is decelerated when the wind passes through the gauge 13, for example the flow speed is aproximately halved when the mesh of the gauge 13 is made about 5mm. Thus, the flow speed of the spiral flow in the direction of arrow R becomes very slow to reduce substantially flying-up of coal dust. Also, even if the coal dust flies up due to the spiral flow to ride on wind in the direction of arrow Q, since this wind passes through the other gauge 13 to flow to the outside of the partition wall 11, the gauge 13 provides a kind of filter to block the passage of coal dust.

Miyamoto, Takao
Ogasawara, Kinrou
Sakamoto, Kazuyoshi
Uchiyama, Kazuhiko
Oikawa, Susumu
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Publication Date:
April 08, 1983
Filing Date:
September 30, 1981
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International Classes:
E04H17/04; B65G69/18; (IPC1-7): B65G3/02; E04H17/04

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