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Japanese Patent JP3775456
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a page-turning mechanism wherein even in a state of erecting a large-sized magazine almost vertically or in a atate in which a page surface faces slantly downward, a page paper sheet is free from handing down on the way of turning operation.
SOLUTION: A backboard 1 on which a book or the like is to be installed under a spread state, a turning roller 11 and a pressing roller 12 having respectively a length corresponding to a vertical width of the backboard 1, and upper and lower swinging arms 41, 42 all together swinging left and right being driven by a rocking motor fixed to the rear face of the backboard 1, are provided. The turning roller 11 is rotatably and axially borne by upper part and lower part connection rods 101, 102, the pressing roller 12 is fixed to the connection rods 101, 102 parallel to the turning roller 11, and a pair of the rollers 11, 12 are driven by a roller motor 5 fixed to either tip of the upper and lower swinging arms.

Kobayashi, Osamu
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Publication Date:
March 03, 2006
Filing Date:
November 28, 1997
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Kobayashi, Osamu
International Classes:
B42D9/06; (IPC1-7): B42D9/06