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Japanese Patent JPH0773353
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PURPOSE: To provide a paper money processor which unnecessitates the sorting of small bundles by detecting the small bundles in an unwanted bundle state and collecting them in another housing part.

CONSTITUTION: In this paper money processor, validity or denomination of paper moneys extracted by the paper money processor one by one is discriminated by a discrimination part, and those paper moneys are accumulated in an accumulation part by validity and denomination. The accumulated paper moneys are housed in a prescribed housing cabinet after bundling them for each arbitrary number of paper moneys at a bundling device 38a. At such a time prescribed mark is printed on the small bundle of invalid paper moneys. Even in the case of valid paper moneys, the small bundle in the unwanted bundled state is sorted by a shape detection sensor 62 and housed in the same housing part 50e as the invalid paper moneys. Even when paying each small bundle, the state of the small bundle to be paid is checked by a paying small bundle state detection sensor 84. Therefore, when paying the small bundle, only the bundle of valid paper moneys in a specified bundled state is utilized.

Sakoguchi, Yoshitaka
Koike, Hisaya
Abe, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
March 17, 1995
Filing Date:
December 28, 1993
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B65B27/08; B65B57/02; G07D7/00; G07D7/18; G07D7/20; G07D9/00; G07D11/00; (IPC1-7): G07D9/00; B65B27/08; B65B57/02
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鈴江 武彦