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Japanese Patent JPH04254296
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PURPOSE: To easily and surely perform rise-up even at the time of a weak wind or no wind by feeding gas to an air intake bag and a canopy from a gas pipe by a blower means, and forming a wing section by the canopy while closing an air intake.

CONSTITUTION: A suspension line 3 is mounted to a canopy 1 having an air intake 15 in which both upper/lower wing surface parts 11, 12 are connected by a beam-like cloth 13. A pilot suspending part 4 is arranged in a lower end of the suspension line 3. In the above constitution, an air intake closing bag 2 is stored in a front edge part of the canopy 1. A blower means 5 with a blow air control part 5a is arranged in the pilot suspending part 4. Further, both end parts of a gas pipe 6 are connected respectively to the blower means 5, air intake bag 2 and the canopy 1. Gas is fed to the gas pipe 6 from the blower means 5 to form a wing section by respectively inflating the air intake bag 2 and the canopy 1.

Ikeda, Takashi
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Publication Date:
September 09, 1992
Filing Date:
February 01, 1991
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International Classes:
B64C31/02; B64C31/00; B64C31/036; B64C39/02; B64D17/10; (IPC1-7): B64C39/02; B64D17/10
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