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Japanese Patent JP2019002556
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To provide a structure in which a plurality of prescribed parallelograms are regularly arranged on parallel two planes.SOLUTION: A plane geometrical figure is obtained without forming a clearance by alternately arranging, at a plane figure which is tiled of a first parallelogram and a symmetric second parallelogram without a clearance: a first band-like figure which is obtained by a cut line for alternately connecting a first line and a second line when setting a side non-parallel with a symmetric line of the first parallelogram as the first line, and setting a diagonal line with an apex being an obtuse angle of the second parallelogram as an end point as the second line; and a second band-like figure having a third parallelogram and a fourth parallelogram which are obtained by connecting opposing apexes of the first parallelograms which oppose each other when the two first band-like figures are arranged in parallel with each other. Then, a ridge-folding parallelogram for ridge-folding respective sides with respect to a plurality of the third parallelograms and a valley-folding parallelogram for valley-folding the respective sides are folded so as to be alternately arranged.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

山口 泰
舘 知宏
安達 瑛翔
須藤 海
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January 10, 2019
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March 15, 2018
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国立大学法人 東京大学
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F16S1/06; E04C2/30
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