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Japanese Patent JPH03219282
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PURPOSE: To facilitate replacement with the parting device with a suitable parting range corresponding to bulletin contents without disassembling a frame body by providing a bearing part which is so sectioned more wider at its inner side than at its opening side on the external surface of a frame body, fitting the shaft part of a cover body to the bearing part, and detaching it freely from the opening at a proper swing angle in a free swing and non-parting state.

CONSTITUTION: The bearing part 2 is provided on the external surface of the frame body and the sectional shape of the shaft part 5 at the base end of the cover body 4 parting an end edge of a bulletin body 3 consists of a shaft surface part 5a having a diameter smaller than the opening width of the bearing part 2 and a shaft surface part 5b which has a diameter larger than the opening width. Then the cover body 4 has its shaft part 5 fitted to the bearing part 2 and is detached freely at the swing angle in the free swing and non-parting state. When the bulletin body peripheral edge is parted by the cover body, the large-diameter shaft surface part of the cover body faces the opening part and the cover body does not come out, so the parting state is maintained. Then when the cover body is swung from the parting state to the non-parting state until the small-diameter shaft surface part faces the opening, the shaft part can be detached from the opening part. Consequently, the cover body is replaced with a cover body with desired parting width to adjust the partly range freely to a suitable parting range matching bulletin contents.

Yamaguchi, Kinichiro
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Publication Date:
September 26, 1991
Filing Date:
March 09, 1990
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International Classes:
G09F13/04; G09F13/14; (IPC1-7): G09F13/04