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Japanese Patent JP2018117330
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a peeping shooting prevention device for a web camera which does not impair the performance of a web camera even when interfering with an attached sensor.SOLUTION: A fixing part 4 made of a transparent material provided with a hole for photographing, which exposes lens of a web camera is fixed to the front part of the lens 2 and a photographing hole 5 in a fixing part is fixed to the lens, and an opaque light shielding part 8 having a size that can hide the lens and a movable part 7 of a transparent base material provided with a hole 9 that is sized to completely expose the web camera photographing hole of the fixing part are attached to the fixing part. Furthermore, the lens is covered with the opaque light shielding part of the movable part to make it impossible to capture an image on the web camera, and the lens is exposed to make it possible to capture an image on the camera and perform photographing by sliding the moving part on the fixing part and aligning the web camera photographing hole of the fixing part with the hole provided in the movable part for exposing or by removing the movable part from the fixing part.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

▲すう▼ 啓宇
王 立▲端▼
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July 26, 2018
Filing Date:
January 16, 2017
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▲すう▼ 啓宇
International Classes:
H04N5/225; G03B11/04

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