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Peptide which has a stable secondary structure, peptide libraries, those manufacturing methods
Document Type and Number:
Japanese Patent JP6004399
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菅 裕明
樋口 岳
Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 05, 2016
Filing Date:
December 05, 2011
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国立大学法人 東京大学
International Classes:
C07K2/00; C12N15/09; C12P21/02; C40B40/10
Foreign References:
Other References:
JPN6015052744; Yusuke Sako et al.: 'Ribosomal Synthesis of Bicyclic Peptides via Two Orthogonal Inter-Side-Chain Reactions' J. Am. Chem. Soc. Vol. 130, No. 23, 2008, p. 7232-7234
JPN6015052747; 特殊環状ペプチドの翻訳合成と医薬品探索への展開: '林 剛介 他' 生化学 第82巻 第6号, 20100625, p. 505-514
JPN6015052750; A. C. A. Jansen et al.: 'Studies on polypeptides. Part VII, : Synthesis of DL-, L- and D-2-amino-6-dimethylamino-4-hexynoic a' RECUEIL Vol. 88, No. 7, 1969, p. 819-827
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
稲葉 良幸
大貫 敏史
江口 昭彦
内藤 和彦