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Japanese Patent JP3851366
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a cheap photopolymer composition which can be easily developed with an alkali solution, has curability by itself, and can be cured into a coating film excellent in the resistances to heat and gold plating by using a specified base resin formed from a novolac epoxy resin (A), an unsaturated monocarboxylic acid (B) and a polybasic acid anhydride (C).
SOLUTION: This composition is obtained by reacting component A comprising units represented by formula I (wherein R is H or methyl) and having a softening point of 60°C or above with 30-70mol%, based on the epoxy groups of component A, component B represented by formula II (wherein R is H or methyl; and R' is H, methyl or phenyl) in the presence of a catalyst comprising a trivalent organophosphorus compound, deactivating the catalyst, and reacting 10-70mol%, based on one equivalent of the epoxy groups of component A, component C represented by formula III (wherein R is an aliphatic or aromatic polycarboxylic acid anhydride) and comprises units represented by formulas IV and V (wherein the symbols are as defined above) and a molar ratio of the epoxy groups to the unsaturated groups to the carboxyl groups of (30-70) to (30-70) to (10-70).

Nishikawa, Katsue
Kinashi, Keiichi
Chiba, Reiko
Hagiwara, Yoshichi
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Publication Date:
November 29, 2006
Filing Date:
October 30, 1995
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C08G59/16; C08F290/06; C08G59/00; C08G59/17; C08G59/18; C08G59/40; C08G59/42; C08L63/00; G03F7/032; G03F7/038; (IPC1-7): C08G59/16; C08G59/18; C08G59/40; C08L63/00; G03F7/038
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社本 一夫
今井 庄亮
増井 忠弐
栗田 忠彦
小林 泰
細川 伸哉