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Patent Searching and Data

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Japanese Patent JP3475606
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the increase of the number of bits of data handled in the color correction and enlargement-reduction processing in the case the reduction of the number of data bits due to γ correction is allowed to increase the number of bits of original picture data by this reduction for the purpose of securing the number of bits of multi-level image data to be subjected to half toning processing in an image reader like an image scanner or a copying machine.
SOLUTION: Read original picture data is first subjected to γ correction by a part 4 to reduce the number of bits by about two. This data where the number of bits is reduced is subjected to color correction and enlargement- reduction processing by a part 1. Data after this processing is transferred to not only a half toning processing part 5 for photographic area but also a 1/γ correction processing part 7. Data subjected to 1/γ correction is transferred to a binarization processing part 3 for character area and a character- photographic area discrimination processing part 2.

Sagawa, Takahiro
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Publication Date:
December 08, 2003
Filing Date:
October 25, 1995
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H04N1/407; G06T5/00; H04N1/393; H04N1/40; H04N1/46; (IPC1-7): H04N1/407; G06T5/00; H04N1/393; H04N1/40; H04N1/46
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上柳 雅誉