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Japanese Patent JPS6484537
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PURPOSE: To obtain a single stable relay with a good efficiency and facilitating a power saving by applying high-frequency voltages with phase differences to a pair of piezo-electric bodies for a specific time when a driving circuit is turned on responding to the input signal, and applying high-frequency voltages of the same phase to the pair of piezo-electric bodies at the OFF time.

CONSTITUTION: Movable contacts 55 are turned on responding to the input signal ON, amplifiers 25A and 25B are operated for a specific time making piezo-electric elements 52A and 52B oscillated, and generate a traveling-wave from the high-frequency voltages of different phases on the surface of a flexible ring. By this traveling-wave, a rotor 60 starts the rotation and rotates a required angle. And a card 54 moves straightly and makes a constantly opened contacts 56a closed. When the outputs of the amplifiers 25A and 25B are turned off at the time the contact pressure is maintained, the rotor 60 is stopped and the movable contacts 55 are stopped while maintaining the contact pressure. And when the input signal is turned off, the amplifiers 25A and 25B are operated in the same phase, a standing wave is generated thereby on the surface of the flexible ring, and the rotor 60 and the card 54 are moved to the constantly opened fixed contacts 56a side by the enforcement of a restoration spring 62. At the time when the contacts 56a are closed and the contact pressure is secured, the card 54 is stopped still.

Takada, Takashi
Ishibashi, Masateru
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Publication Date:
March 29, 1989
Filing Date:
September 26, 1987
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International Classes:
H01H57/00; (IPC1-7): H01H57/00