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Japanese Patent JPH04165683
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PURPOSE:To make it possible to exchange an elastic body and to contrive to prolong the life of the elastic body by a method wherein an element is provided in such a way that is hermetically sealed by a side plate, an expansion and contraction part and a housing part and is always applied a compressive force in the opposite direction to the displacement direction by a repulsive force. CONSTITUTION:A coil spring 8 is mounted on an axis 7f made to project to the outside through a side plate 7b and the spring 8 is compressed by a cap 10 via a press plate 11 so as to generate a prescribed repulsive force. As a fixing of the cap 10 and an outer cylinder 7a is carried out by screws, the cap 10 can be detached and the spring 8 can be exchanged. As the stroke of the spring 8 can be changed by changing the depth of screwing-in of the cap 10, a compressive force to an element 1 can be adjusted. Thereby, it is possible to exchange easily an elastic body and the life of the elastic body, which is used as a piezoelectric actuator, can be prolonged.

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Publication Date:
June 11, 1992
Filing Date:
October 30, 1990
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International Classes:
H01L41/083; H01L41/09; (IPC1-7): H01L41/09