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Japanese Patent JP2000030593
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To provide a monostable relay which is excellent in the consistency between the generated force of a piezoelectric actuator and the load force of the relay, is small-sized and lightweight, has a simple structure and a stable characteristic, and is inexpensive.

A snap action member 3a is constituted of an inversion plate section 34 formed with a plate made of a spring material, a pair of fulcrum position stabilizing means 37 connected perpendicularly to its lower end outside, and a coil spring 36. Tips of a pair of inner leg pieces on the lower end inner side of the inversion plate section 34 are inserted and positioned in the V-groove of a fulcrum support section 200, and the fulcrum position stabilizing means 37 are fixed to the fulcrum support section 200. A contact drive section 71a provided at the tip of a curving piezoelectric actuator 7a fixed at one end is connected to the inversion plate section 34, the inversion plate section 34 makes a snap action due to the curved deformation of the piezoelectric actuator 7a by a voltage, and a moving contact 2 provided on it is turned on or off a fixed contact 4.

Yoshimoto, Hiroshi
Nakayama, Shinichi
Yokoyama, Katsuji
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Publication Date:
January 28, 2000
Filing Date:
July 09, 1998
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International Classes:
H01H57/00; (IPC1-7): H01H57/00
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篠部 正治