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Japanese Patent JPH11283482
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To provide a small-size, light-weight, simple-structured, performance- stabilized, and inexpensive piezoelectric monostable relay.

A flip plate part 34 and a central foot piece 35 are punched out of a spring plate. The central leg piece 35 is bent in a V shape at its middle point to give a spring function. A pair of outer leg pieces is formed at both sides of a lower part of the flip plate part 34, a driving force receiving pin 341 is formed at an upper part of the same, and a movable contact is attached at the upper part of the same. A contact driving part 71a is provided on a free end of a piezoelectric actuator 7a whose other end is fixed. A window 711 in which the driving force receiving pin 341 is fitted into is formed on the contact driving part 71a. The outer leg pieces are inserted into a V-shaped trench 5 on a case and a top of the central leg piece 35 is fixed on a spring disposing part 100 so that a tensile force is applied on the central leg piece 35 and a snap action function is given to the flip plate part 34. By the use of the window 711 and the driving force receiving pin 341, the flip plate part 34 and the contact driving part 71a are connected to each other with play therebetween.

Nakayama, Shinichi
Yoshimoto, Hiroshi
Yokoyama, Katsuji
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Publication Date:
October 15, 1999
Filing Date:
February 23, 1998
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International Classes:
H01H57/00; (IPC1-7): H01H57/00
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篠部 正治