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Japanese Patent JPS643936
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PURPOSE: To efficiently drive a relay with the low power consumption and increase a contact gap by applying the high-frequency voltage with a phase difference to piezoelectric drive sections provided on two adjacent faces of mating pieces, circularly or elliptically moving the maximum amplitude points of the mating pieces, and reciprocating a reciprocating member set in contact with one face of the mating pieces.

CONSTITUTION: A vibrator 6 with a pair of parallel mating pieces 5 set in contact with a reciprocating member 2 at one face and resonating with each other is provided. Piezoelectric element sections 7 bending and vibrating the mating pieces 5 are provided on two adjacent faces of the mating pieces 5. A power source device applying the high-frequency voltage with a phase difference to the piezoelectric element sections 7 on two adjacent faces is provided, the maximum amplitude points are circularly or elliptically moved by the flex vibration of the mating pieces 5, thus the reciprocating member 2 is driven. The high efficiency is thereby obtained, the power consumption can be reduced, a constant driving force is obtained regardless of the moving position of the reciprocating member, and a contact gap can be freely made large.

Takada, Takashi
Ishibashi, Masateru
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Publication Date:
January 09, 1989
Filing Date:
June 25, 1987
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International Classes:
H01H57/00; (IPC1-7): H01H57/00

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