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Japanese Patent JPH04135116
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PURPOSE: To contrive shortening of cutting time of a milling cutter system and simplification of a device by separately cutting respective 1/4 peripheral surfaces on upper/lower sides of a pipe and 1/4 peripheral surfaces on right/left sides of the pipe, and cutting off the pipe.

CONSTITUTION: A steel pipe 5 is fed to the first running cutter l, and when a cutting command is output, a pinion 11 is rotated to run a carriage 10 synchronized with a steel pipe feed speed through a rack 12. Then, a traversing motor 29 is simultaneously driven, and cutters 16, 17 are rotated by a hydraulic motor 21. Here in partial cutting, after the pipe 5 is bitten by cutters A, B, the cutters are traversed as in an arrow mark along the peripheral surface to cut 1/14 peripheral surfaces 31, 32 and 35, 36 in upper and lower sides in a round pipe 5-1 and a squared pipe 5-2. The steel pipe 5 is fed to the second running cutter 2, a position of upper and lower cut parts of the round pipe 5-1 and squared pipe 5-2 is detected by a detecting device, cutters C, D, provided in right/left sides of the steel pipe 5, are lifted along the peripheral surface matched with the cut position to cut 1/14 peripheral surfaces 33, 34 and 37, 38, and cutting of the pipe 5 is finished.

Soejima, Mitsushiro
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Publication Date:
May 08, 1992
Filing Date:
September 26, 1990
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B23D45/10; B23D45/12; B23D45/20; (IPC1-7): B23D45/10; B23D45/12; B23D45/20