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Japanese Patent JP2002238669
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To provide a pipe rack convenient for application at a lower cost which facilitates the fixing of a pipe on a side plate during the assembling or disassembling or during adjusting the height of the rack.

This pipe rack is provided with a pipe fixing part 3 which is installed on at least either one of a pair of side plates 1 and 1 and has an inner circumferential space 4 with a roughly oval cross section, a fitting part 7 which is made elastic with the section thereof almost the same in shape as the cross section of the inner circumferential space 4 to be fitted to the inner circumferential space 4, and a cylindrical mounting device 6 which has a flange part 8 with a larger-diameter outline than the fitting part 7 adjacent thereto on the outer circumference thereof while having a pipe insertion part 9 with the section thereof almost as circular as the outer circumferential section of a pipe 2 on the inner circumference thereof. The end part of the pipe 2 is inserted into the pipe insertion part 9 while the fitting part 7 is fitted into the inner circumferential space 4 of the pipe fixing part 3 and then, the cylindrical mounting device 6 is turned to be fixed on the pipe fixing part 3 through the cylindrical mounting part 6 of the pipe 2.

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Publication Date:
August 27, 2002
Filing Date:
February 20, 2001
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International Classes:
A47B47/02; A47B61/04; A47B96/02; F16B9/02; (IPC1-7): A47B47/02; A47B96/02; F16B9/02
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Ishihara Masaru