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Japanese Patent JP2019143735
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To provide a piping connecting device which makes piping hardly rotate by, for example, screw fastening.SOLUTION: A piping connecting device comprises: piping having a housing which is opened at, for example, an outside opening, in which a recess formed of an inner face including an internal peripheral face and a bottom face surrounding an inside opening is formed, and which has a first screw, a flange accommodated in the recess, and hanging out to the outside of a radial direction, and a contact end face located at an end part in a longitudinal direction, and contacting with the bottom face; and a pressing member having an interposition component accommodated in the recess, surrounding the piping, and contacting with the flange at a side opposite to the bottom face, a second screw which is screwed with the first screw, and a pressing part which is insertable into the recess while surrounding the piping, rotating around the piping accompanied by the rotation of the second screw which is screwed with the first screw, and contacting with the interposition component at a side opposite to the flange. When the pressing part presses the interposition component while rotating, first friction torque between the pressing part and the interposition component is smaller than second friction torque between the interposition component and the flange.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

荒川 匡希
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August 29, 2019
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February 21, 2018
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