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Japanese Patent JP2004211708
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To properly eliminate the noises of actuating air in a medical purpose piston pump required to be smaller and quiet for use in an oxygen condenser and to reduce the vibration thereof, when operated.

A small 180°opposed type pump/compressor minimizes axial spacing between a plurality of pistons on a drive shaft and reduces shaking couple and noises due to reciprocating motion. Each piston has an eccentric element press-fit into a connecting rod not to occupy space between the plurality of pistons. The shaking couple can be further reduced for the pistons of different masses by selecting the mass of a cup retainers to compensate for the difference in over-all piston masses. The pump includes an improved sealing structure having a peripheral groove in the inclined surface at the end of a cylinder. The pump has a special cover and a seal for closing an open neck of a pump crank case and an improved multilobe valve stop. The pump also uses a plurality of tubular transfer members for transferring intake and/or exhaust air into the crank case and/or between a plurality of valve heads.

Leu, Shawn A.
Kultgen, Raymond J.
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Publication Date:
July 29, 2004
Filing Date:
January 06, 2004
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International Classes:
F04B27/00; F04B27/02; F04B27/04; F04B39/00; (IPC1-7): F04B27/02
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川崎 隆夫