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Japanese Patent JP2526447
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PURPOSE: To offer a planetary reeler for improving the shape of inside surface and accuracy of thickness of tube which is rolled with a rolling mill of mandrel mill.
CONSTITUTION: The planetary reeler A is arranged on the downstream side of the rolling mill of mandrel mill, an inner cylinder 2 which is freely rotatably mounted inside an outer cylinder 1 is revolved through a driving source, spur gear 8 and external gear 5. While two rolls 3 of which the axial lines are inclined by a prescribed angle 10 the directions that are mutually contrary with respect to the moving direction of a tube which is inserted into the inlet side of the planetary reeler A and freely rotatably mounted to the inner cylinder 2 are revolved around the periphery of the tube, they are made to rotate on their own axes through internal gears 7 and planet gears 6. In such a way, the outer surface of the tube is reduced with the rolls 3.

Hori, Mitsuaki
Asakawa, Hiroo
Nakai, Shunji
Sano, Shigeru
Wadano, Katsumi
Hatanaka, Masayuki
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Publication Date:
June 14, 1996
Filing Date:
August 13, 1991
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B21B13/20; B21B17/02; B21B19/10; B21B35/12; (IPC1-7): B21B19/10; B21B13/20; B21B17/02; B21B35/12
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潮谷 奈津夫