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Japanese Patent JP2019078340
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To reduce resistance upon agitating oil with a planetary roller, and also prevent oil shortage.SOLUTION: A planetary roller type transmission 10 comprises: a stationary ring 12 provided in a housing 11 with a lid so that its central axis is arranged horizontally; a sun shaft 13; a plurality of planetary rollers 14; a carrier 16 having a plurality of support shafts 26 supporting the planetary rollers 14 through a bearing part 15, and revolving together with the planetary rollers 14; and an annular flange ring 17 provided on one side in an axis direction of the stationary ring 12 and planetary rollers 14. An inner diameter of the flange ring 17 is smaller than a diameter of a circumscribed circle of a plurality of bearing parts 15 existing in a circumferential direction. An oil reservoir part 41 accepting oil going beyond the flange ring 17 from the planetary roller 14 side is provided between a side surface of the flange ring 17 and an inner peripheral surface 37 of the housing 11. A passage 43 permeating oil from the oil reservoir part 41 to the planetary roller 14 side is provided.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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渡邉 肇
松本 侑一
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May 23, 2019
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October 25, 2017
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F16H13/08; F16H57/04
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