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Japanese Patent JPH02107779
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PURPOSE: To easily, simultaneously and economically coat many base materials, by arranging plural plasma electrodes in correspondence to the number and arrangement of the base materials arranged in a reaction space, and simultaneously generating plasma columns overlapping each other.

CONSTITUTION: A reactive gaseous mixture is supplied from a gas supply source 1 into a housing 3, which is installed in a heating furnace 15 and is made heatable. The inside of the furnace is evacuated by a vacuum pump 7 and the reaction space 4 is maintained under a prescribed pressure. Plural plasma electrodes 10 are disposed on a dielectric plate 11 arranged to face the base materials 8. The microwaves from a microwave generator 14 via these electrodes 10 are supplied through the dielectric plate 11 into the reaction space 4 to generate the plasma columns 16. Coating layers 17 are formed on the base materials 8 from the gases described above by the plasma. The respective electrodes 10 are controlled by each of the corresponding base materials 8 by a controller 13 and the plasma columns 16 are overlapped on each other in the plasma type chemical vapor growth method. As a result, the coating layers 17 respective having the desired quality are simultaneously grown on the plural base materials 8.

Paquet, Volker
Ackermann, Ulrich
Etzkorn, Heinz-werner
Kersten, Ralf TH
Ruetze, Uwe
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Publication Date:
April 19, 1990
Filing Date:
August 31, 1989
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International Classes:
C23C16/50; C23C16/458; C23C16/511; C23C16/52; H01J37/32; (IPC1-7): C23C16/50