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Japanese Patent JPH10292275
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To obtain the subject tire improved in rolling resistance and riding comfort without sacrificing belt performances and excellent in resistance to belt end separation and durability by embedding a specific bundle uniformly arranged in the width direction of the belt into rubber under specific conditions.

This pneumatic radial tire is obtained by using carcass extending in toroidal form between a pair of bead parts as skeleton and further, reinforcing a crown part of carcass with a belt having ≥2 layers. The belt is obtained by arranging 5-6 metal wires 5 having circular cross section, containing ≥0.80 wt.% carbon, having 0.15-0.30 diameter and ≥300 kgf/mm2 strength in width direction of belt to afford uniformly arranged bundle 6 and embedding the resultant bundle 6 into a rubber by drive numbers of 15-30 units per 50 mm width. Furthermore, ≥60% bundle 6 of belt is preferably constituted of a bundle 6 in which a ratio Ds,/De of short diameter Ds in belt thickness direction to long diameter De in belt thickness direction is within the range of 1/(n) to 2/3 in the bundle 6 obtained by uniformly arranging metal wires 5 having (n) numbers in width direction of the belt.

Sato, Yoshitaka
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Publication Date:
November 04, 1998
Filing Date:
April 18, 1997
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D07B1/06; B60C9/00; B60C9/18; B60C9/20; D02G3/48; (IPC1-7): D07B1/06; B60C9/00; B60C9/18; D02G3/48
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杉村 暁秀 (外9名)