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Japanese Patent JP2019093888
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To provide a pneumatic tire which realizes sound absorption effects using a sound absorption material, while accumulation of heat due to adhesion of the sound absorption material is mitigated and deterioration in high speed durability is suppressed.SOLUTION: Provided is a pneumatic tire which includes: a tread part 1 extending in a tire circumferential direction to form an annular shape; a pair of side wall parts 2 arranged on both sides of the tread part 1; and a pair of bead parts 3 arranged inside the side wall parts 2 in a tire radial direction. In the pneumatic tire with its mounting direction specified with respect to a vehicle, a sound absorption material 6 is fixed to an inner surface of the tread part 1 along the tire circumferential direction using an adhesive layer 5. Further, a center position P of the sound absorption material 6 in a width direction is arranged outside the vehicle.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

新澤 達朗
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June 20, 2019
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November 22, 2017
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B60C5/00; B60C3/06
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昼間 孝良
境澤 正夫

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