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Japanese Patent JP2019099055
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To provide a pneumatic tire provided with a side reinforcing layer, and reduced in weight of the tire while maintaining durability of the tire.SOLUTION: In the pneumatic tire, a width W0 of a bead core 5, a width W1 on an innermost side in a tire radial direction, and a width W2 on an outermost side in the tire radial direction satisfy relations of W1>W2 and W2≤0.5×W0. A position of a layer with the width W0 is arranged closer to inside in the tire radial direction than a center position in the tire radial direction of the bead core 5. A carcass layer is folded back along a peripheral edge of the bead core 5, a folded-back part 4B of the carcass layer is extended toward each side wall part 2 while bringing the folded-back part into contact with a main body part 4A of the carcass layer. A rubber occupancy of a blocked area formed by the main body part 4A and the folded-back part 4B of the carcass layer is set to 0.1-15%. A cross sectional area S2 and a hardness H2 of a filler layer 9 provided outside in a tire width direction of the carcass layer and a cross sectional area S1 and a hardness H1 of a side reinforcing layer 8 satisfy a relation of 0.12≤(S2×H2)/(S1×H1)≤0.50.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

丹野 篤
甲田 啓
松田 淳
長安 政明
笹谷 雄貴
竹森 諒平
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Publication Date:
June 24, 2019
Filing Date:
December 06, 2017
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B60C15/06; B60C3/04; B60C13/00; B60C15/00; B60C15/04; B60C17/00
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昼間 孝良
境澤 正夫

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